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Who is this procedure intended for?

Typically, patients turn to a specialist for various manifestations of gravitational ptosis, such as a noticeable omission of the outer end of the eyebrows, the appearance of nasolabial folds, frontal wrinkles, "crow’s feet," the "puppet" lines. In addition, the age-related decline of the skin turgor and the volume of the cheek-cheek region is reflected as a patient’s complaint of a "tired face". In addition to these changes, there is an undesirable appearance of characteristic "fleas", as well as "double" chins.

Often the clinical situation dictates the need for a combination of "filament lifting" with local filling of wrinkles in different areas of the face to achieve a noticeable rejuvenation effect. Everyday phrase, as patients usually "express this desire, just look better." The filament technique is optimal for patients who are often not prepared to transfer the conditions of hospitalization and operating room. Often these are patients who lead an active lifestyle, when a relatively long rehabilitation does not fit into their working rhythm.