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Botulinum toxin injection

In aesthetic cosmetology, the main direction of application of botulinum toxin is the correction of facial wrinkles. Over the past decade, botulinum toxin has become one of the most sought-after tools for a cosmetologist and plastic surgeon. Botox (Botox) is today one of the most famous drugs in the world, used in aesthetic medicine.

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Thread correction

In modern terms, this technique is one of the least invasive methods of correction in the field of aesthetic or "anti-age" medicine. To date, this technique is very actively used in practice, being also in the arsenal of correction of the manifestations of gravitational ptosis of soft tissues and the prevention of premature aging.

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In aesthetic medicine, one of the most effective methods of contour plasty of facial wrinkles in different areas of the face is the local filling of the area of the lost volume with the help of fillers. The restoration of volume contributes in the aesthetic sense to the re-creation of the harmony of the contours of the face.

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