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Types of augmentation mammoplasty

Currently, the most effective and reliable method of breast augmentation worldwide is recognized to be a method with use of breast implants (endoprosthesis). Depending on the method of implant insertion technique the following approaches are distinguished:

Submammary approach

In this case, the incision is made in the submammary fold (SMF). This access allows you to create the best "pouch" for the implant and position it. It is recommended in cases where there is breast tissue in of sufficient volume. The scar after surgery remains in a natural crease and usually invisible.

Axillary access

It allows to achieve more natural results even in cases of breast tissue deficit. Also this technique results in not expressed nipple-areola complex. It differs technically more complex execution and a higher percentage of complications such as the displacement of the implant. Postoperative scar remains in the armpit and barely noticeable.

Periareolar access (around the areola)

It is often used in combination with mastopexy, and can simultaneously set the implant. Postoperative scar in this case is almost imperceptible, as the passes along the border of areola and skin spots. This technique is usually accompanied by more severe disorders of the sensitivity of the nipple-areola complex postoperative period.