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What you should know before procedure?

When talking with a specialist, the anatomical area of the face is analyzed and the patient’s optimal correction plan and the expected effect are determined. It is absolutely necessary to clarify the patient’s state of health at the moment, and also to agree on the intake of any medications. Often, manipulation is performed under local anesthesia, since application of the application forms does not always provide the right degree of anesthesia, and this is especially true when the lips are enlarged. Mastering the skills of regional anesthesia is a good help in this situation due to the necessary anesthesia and the absence of a change in the shape of the tissues in the zone of the planned injection.

It is important to find out the presence of episodes of herpes infection in the patient’s anamnesis, which is important when planning injections into the lip region.

Special attention and caution requires manipulation in the peri-ocular area, where it is necessary to take into account the presence of thin skin, the absence of subcutaneous fat, the dynamics of the circular eye muscle, the presence of vessels at the inner corner of the eye. It is necessary to remember the characteristic propensity of the peri-ocular zone to puffiness.

It is in this field that specialists in practice note a greater number of complications. In the first time after the procedure, edema and soreness are observed. Complete recovery after the procedure takes no more than a week. The effect remains uneven, depending on age, lifestyle, skin type and skin care. It is advisable to combine with other cosmetic effects, such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, fractional thermolysis and laser peeling.

Possible complications after injection of fillers:
  • Unexpected swelling, which usually appears after the operation and lasts for several days, moderate soreness of short duration
  • Allergic reactions
  • Hematomas, which are possible with damage to the subcutaneous blood vessels
  • Skin necrosis (with accidental intravascular injection)